Collaboration improves performance

 Partena and Siebler, two historical CAM companies, have concretized the spirit of collaboration that animates them by integrating the plate feeding system, Partena’s workhorse, on the Siebler flagship machine, the high speed strip packaging vertical machine.

Partena has been designing and manufacturing thermoforming machines and related feeding systems for the packaging of tablets, capsules, vials, bottles and syringes for over 60 years, while Siebler has been producing fully automatic and continuously operating 4-side sealing, stick pack and bag closing machines.

Both companies well represent CAM’s strategy of creating individual centers highly specialized in specific packaging technologies that can integrate to create complete lines that start from product packaging (primary) to arrive at the pallet ready for shipment.


A specialization strategy that goes beyond the design and construction of machines to also include the service, through the creation of structures dedicated to programming line integration software and pre and post sales service.

In this case, the principles of collaboration and co-design that guide CAMcompanies have made it possible to perfectly integrate consolidated and reliable equipment to obtain the best result from a technical point of view.

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