Freedom in customization

Customizing a blister without the use of printers or markers, integrating personalized elements directly on the blister without printing, creating a particular texture, using a trade mark, this means including a recognizable brand in the blister.

The welding of the aluminium foil to the blister is the heart of the blister machine working process, after that stage the primary packaging is completed and the product is fully protected.

Customizing the knurled surface of the welded blister means that the product is completely bound to the brand, thus standing out from the other visually standardized products.

Partena has the capability to customize the engraving of the welding plate, guaranteeing an air-tight welding.

The arrangement and the sequence of the dots are free: in the picture shown, a concentric layout has been used around the slots, but also waves are possible, as well as words or drawings or logos.

Such a customization is carried out in the simplest way: the welding plate engraves the identity of the manufacturer on each blister at each machine stroke.