Let’s MEET at ACHEMA 22 – HALL 3.0 – Stand F74

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Such a compact blister packaging machine for the first time at Achema!

From the 22nd to the 26th of august 2022 CAM will take part in ACHEMA, the most important pharma world exhibition.

At the next Achema you will see the new nMX-C blister packaging machine in the version with separate cutting die (patent pending) and a new thermoforming material path.

This is a brand-new solution, designed to minimize the size of the blister packaging machine which is enclosed in the cleanroom.

The primary packaging on the blister machine is completed by the film sealing; the blister cutting operations are already part of the secondary packaging and separating them from the blister packaging machine makes it possible to significantly reduce the size of the cleanroom, thus providing an economic and environmental advantage.

Partition wall simulation between blister packer and blister cutting unit

The benefits of the new CAM Blister cutting unit are not limited to reducing the cleanroom space, its new waste management logic allows only compliant blisters to be deposited on the belt, non-compliant blisters are ejected and separated according to waste type.

The nMX-C will be equipped with the new Omnia feeder, able to feed any kind of tablets, oblong, hard or soft-shell capsules, etc., at a higher speed than conventional feeders.

Omnia feeder for blister packer

 At CAM booth you will see the same line with the possibility of packaging the blisters into standard cartons or in large containers, for possible subsequent treatment or cartoning, as well as with Hydra, the system that keeps the machine in operation despite the presence of faulty components. In addition the line is complemented by a Track and Trace machine for the traceability of the single sale product.

Traceability of the single sale product