RM | Automatic wallet packaging machine



RM is an intermittent automatic packaging machine for wallet with production speed up to 100 wallets per minute.
The wallet solution ensures that the correct medicine is taken at the right time and with a glance, allows us to understand how many tablets have been taken. The wallet produced by RM is firmly linked and aligned with the blister, that cannot be extracted in any way.
The great flexibility allows RM to cover all needs of the pharmaceutical industry in terms of format, type of carton and glue, such as vinyl, or even pre-glued blanks. Blister feeding may be either manual or automatic, in line or at 90°.
The blank positioning and pick-off system is entirely performed positively and the carton is held into position on the machine deck. The adaptability of the gripping system allows even the use of blanks with irregular shape. The blank and blister positioning system guarantees perfect alignment between the holes in the carton and the blister housings.
It is also possible to fit on the machine any type of Pharmacode readers and verification units for product presence and/or breakage inside the wallet.

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