CAM Automatic Packaging Machines

1 December 2022

CAM at ALL4PACK Emballage 22

ALL4PACK Emballage is over and the CAM group was glad to take part again in this international exhibition. This is a very important fair, its first edition was in 1947, that revolves around Packaging, Processing, Printing and Logistics solutions for all sectors of activity related to the packaging and intralogistics industry.  More than ever, this year, All4Pack wanted to reflect the changing environment, focusing on new challenges for a sustainable development in the world of packaging. This year, we displayed our new nMX-C blister packaging machine in the version with separate cutting die (patent pending) and a new thermoforming material path. This is a brand-new solution, designed to minimize the space needed for the blister packaging machine in the cleanroom. The primary packaging process on the blister machine ends with the film sealing; the blister cutting operations are already part of the secondary packaging and splitting them makes it possible to significantly reduce the size of the cleanroom, thus providing an economic and environmental advantage. The benefits of the new CAM Blister cutting unit are not limited to reducing the necessary cleanroom space, its new waste management logic allows only compliant blisters to be deposited on the belt, non-compliant blisters are ejected and separated according to waste type.  The nMX-C is equipped with the new Omnia feeder, able to feed any kind of tablets, oblong, hard or soft-shell capsules, etc., at a higher speed than conventional feeders. Morover, we displayed the ZR outfeed/infeed compact rotary magazine for blisters stacked in cartridge, which is a rotary magazine designed to enable the storage of blister packs, stacked and oriented in cardboard/plastic cartridges, and their subsequent retrieval for packaging in cartons according to production needs. ZR Enables to split up conventional blister line into two separate processes with easy blister collection and feeding, guaranteeing the possibility of producing also in cases of a scheduled shutdown of one of the machines in the line and to collect the blisters into cartridges easy to handle, pack, ship and distribute, also offering the possibility of packaging the blisters produced in a separate plant from the production one. Thanks to all our visitors who came to meet us, we await you at the next All4Pack! Follow us on Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin  
15 November 2022

CAM at Pack Expo 22

PACK EXPO Chicago is over and the CAM group was glad to take part again in this international exhibition, which was cancelled in 2020 due to the covid pandemic. We were very pleased to have had visitors from all over the world, because this is a very important fair that revolves around all packaging solutions, particularly in the Food and Beverage industry and it was a great opportunity to discover a wide array of processing equipment and integrated solutions for products’ processing and packaging lines. This year, we displayed our PMM machine (intermittent motion horizontal cartoner), a cartoning machine which, thanks to its utmost flexibility, is the perfect choice in a continuously evolving market. It is designed to even process cartons with a special closure and thickness by 1,2 mm. This special carton has been certified as CHILD RESISTANT, since thanks to the special design and tuck in closing type, it makes it impossible to be opened without a special key. Moreover, we displayed our HV machine (high speed continuous motion horizontal cartoner). Its cantilever structure, separating the mechanical transmission from the product/carton handling areas, guarantees total accessibility for machine inspection purposes and immediate elimination of product/packaging material residue, in compliance with GMP norms. The exclusive carton erection system incorporating a continuous motion 5-station turret, each station separately driven by closed-profile cams for carton pick-off at zero speed, allows for total and progressive carton pre-breaking to be carried-out in a time period longer than the machine cycle. The HV is equipped with the Hydra system , the system that keeps the machine in operation even in case of faulty components. Thanks to all our visitors who came to meet us, we await you at the next Pack Expo! Follow us on Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin  

13 March 2023

FCE Pharma 2023

Location:       São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center – Rodovia dos Imigrantes – São Paulo (BR) Date:              June, 13 – 15, 2023
15 January 2023


Location:       Poznań International Fair – Glogowska street, 14 (centre of the city) – Poznań (PL) Date:               September, 27 – 29, 2023