2 Agosto 2022

Let’s MEET at ACHEMA 22 – HALL 3.0 – Stand F74

Such a compact blister packaging machine for the first time at Achema! From the 22nd to the 26th of august 2022 CAM will take part in ACHEMA, the most important pharma world exhibition.
21 Luglio 2022

With RB, a new eco-sustainable packaging

One of the issues that has a very special place for CAM is eco-sustainability, a real mission for us. Our care and production efficacy allowed us to carry out a very important project. Today we introduce an important feature of the RB machine, the result of years of experience and research in the field of product wrapping. A concrete action against pollution and climate changes. Precedente Successivo We have in fact developed a particular wrapping type for a dairy product (chocolate) both in plastic material and compostable.  The RB is able to process a 100% compostable material in recyclability class A. What does recyclability class A mean? With 1kg of material it is possible to obtain 1kg of carton! It is actually bio-polymeric plastic with thermo-welding and compostable characteristics.  Precedente Successivo Precedente Successivo Besides that, the RB machine works with a particular setting of the heating system, so that even if a non-recyclable material is used, such as a NON-GREEN thermo-welding poly-propylene, a minor impact on the environment is guaranteed. Follow us on Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
15 Giugno 2022


CAM use the utmost flexibility in their cartoning machines offering new solutions in a continuously evolving market accepting a challenge by IGB, an italian cartons manufacturer for the pharmaceutical sector. Usually PMM machines can process cartons with thickness up to 0,5 mm only, but together with IGB we have made it possible to work with a thickness by 1,2 mm. Such a format and this special thickness have been certified as CHILD RESISTANT, since thanks to the special design and tuck in closing type, they make it impossible to open the cartons without a special key. That key is located directly on the pack and it’s detachable, besides that, it is clearly visible thanks to its colour which contrasts with the background and for the presence of a mark “KEY”. In order to open the box, it is sufficient to fold the key, as indicated above, and insert into the slot marked as “FLAP”. It has been officially presented in may at the INTERPHEX exhibition in New York City at the stand of IGB, which has registered the patent for this “special” carton design. Follow us on Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin 
29 Aprile 2022

Evolving to improve!

The climate crisis requires changes that are made also in the field of packaging, and most of our customers will have to deal with such changes in the next decades. Studies are ongoing about sustainable packaging types that will make our machines evolve all around the world. In the passage to a circular economy, the eco-design of the packaging is being promoted. A sustainable packaging will have to be conceived so that it minimizes its impact on the environment. Semplification of the packaging, use of ricycled and ricyclable materials, such as food waste or even biosolubile…These are among the many aspects that will force us to combine sustainibility and production necessities. CAM faces these changes through a continuous research of the necessary solutions to the needs of a sustainable market.         Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
31 Marzo 2022

Slp, the cutting die for CAM blister machines with positive logic rejection

The new cutting unit born in Partena S.p.a. (CAM), leader in the construction and design of blister and thermoforming machines, releases only good blisters on the outfeed belt. A careful study and design made it possible to guarantee high quality product, easy and quick format change-over, operational safety and new logic of the reject system.     Product quality The precision and centering of the cut are guaranteed by a smart automatic system, equipped with sensors that reads the position of the cavities. The quality and flatness of the blister are guaranteed even in the event of machine stop. In this way, the blisters that remain in the yielding rollers are not deformed.     Easy and quick format change-over Partena has designed and developed the new cutting unit by limiting the format parts. Formats with the same cutting die, for example, share the same trailing group and for standard-sized blister packs the outfeed belt has an adjustable position which adapts without the need to build and replace format parts. Simplicity and repeatability of the format change are guaranteed by settings on the operator panel and by graduated systems. The safety of the rejection is ensured by a special barrier sensor that does not need programming by the user.     Safety of correct operation The electronics used the continuous control of absorption and torque increases, for example due to excessive wear. The reporting of these anomalies ensures that the mechanics of the machine are preserved. The movements of the cutting unit are also completely independent from the rotation of the main shaft. SLP automatically corrects its speed and allows phase stops before the machine stops, by limiting the number of blisters released on the belt at each stop.     The new logic of the reject system The system, known as SHIFT REGISTER, has information about the product after the check and is managed by the PLC rather than by the vision system. This therefore allows an interface with a greater number of vision system suppliers.             Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
21 Febbraio 2022

CAM the value of Solidarity

CAM give their contribution to Itaca Onlus Foundation, which operates in the territory of Monghidoro, Loiano, San Benedetto Val di Sambro and Pianoro, where the historic CAM Headquarters are located.  Itaca Foundation, which provides mobility and special assistance services to patients, and has recently implemented their offer by adding food and pharmaceuticals delivery during the Covid19 pandemic, has started a highly useful social service, to which CAM has given contribution by purchasing a new equipped vehicle, available to the volunteers of the Foundation. It will be used for transportation of cancer patients,  handicapped children and elderly with limited possibility to move.     A “project from the heart” that will guarantee free mobility for all those who have limited possibility to move.       Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
27 Dicembre 2021

CAM contributes to guarantee medical care for people affected by Covid19!

    CAM supported the intervention of Doctors Without Borders in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in 88 countries worldwide. MSF shared its extensive experience in epidemic management supporting hospitals and health centers. Doctors Without Borders have been working hard for 50 years to bring life-saving treatments, vaccines and basic goods wherever needed. From CAM and also 65,000 aid workers and those who will benefit from this gesture, the warmest Christmas wishes.   Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
4 Novembre 2021

CAM, Record-breaking prototypes!

    CAM is able to manufacture prototypes in record short times!Partena, the CAM factory specialized in thermoforming machines, requires to receive a sample of product or even only a drawing, in order to design the tray first, and then the mould and the punch for the thermoforming and the welding.     After the projectc stage, the mould and the punch are manufactured by use of a 3D printer, with reduced cost and time waste compared to standard metal versions. Partena is now ready to prepare its samples with a film identical to the one in use at the customer facility. Furthermore, Partena is able to adapt the design of the tray in agreement with the customer as well as its nests, and all this is done with a minimal waste of time and money. The 3D printing process is also used to produce the welding tools for the film covering the tray, with the aim of obtaining a tray sample similar to the real one produced by the Partena blistering machine. The last missing components of the packaging kit are the carton prototypes and the shipping cases, which are designed and manufactured by Tecnicam, CAM company devoted to the managment of special projects. The samples developed allow the symulation of the packaging months ahead of the installation of the line, allowing any change of design at the early stages of the project. This is a very important service for CAM, which supports the customer in the reduction of the time-to-market of new products and allows them to market the products months before their real production. Also, Partena offers the customer the possibility to install a machine at their facility in order to produce small bathces of pre-series products, totally similar to those which are going to be manufactured in standard production, and thus ensures that all pre-production test are carried out and all permits received, Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
26 Ottobre 2021

The performances of any Cam machine supplied since 1949 can be improved!

CAM is able to update, modify and improve the performance of each machine supplied to our customers, like in the case of an LA machine, which we upgraded by setting the height of the screw pre-tightening and canula insertion unit, as well as the filling monoblock and capping unit for low and high-density liquids, in  order to achieve a set of independent height settings.
1 Settembre 2021

Art marries ingenuity

CAM chose to give value to their presence at the main international exhibitions of their sector by inviting young artists like Pfrasad Tandel, whom Donata Martelli, exhibition manager at CAM group, met on the streets of Mumbay, while he was painting…But first let us tell the story of Prasad.
12 Agosto 2021

Collaboration improves performance

 Partena and Siebler, two historical CAM companies, have concretized the spirit of collaboration that animates them by integrating the plate feeding system, Partena’s workhorse, on the Siebler flagship machine, the high speed strip packaging vertical machine.
28 Maggio 2021

Let’s MEET at ACHEMA PULSE – on line All June – live 15 – 16 June

On 15 and 16 June 2021 CAM will take part in ACHEMA PLUS, a virtual event by ACHEMA, while the usual offline exhibition will be postponed till 2022. Users can easily get free access to the event by using our pages on the social network.
28 Maggio 2021

Product CONTROL Retinae System for PARTENA blister packers

New vision system for Partena blister machines PARTENA has widened the range of vision systems for the products’ control on its blister machines, by adding Retinae systems to the family of standard features available.
28 Maggio 2021

Artist for a Day at the latest Interpack, the industry’s reference fair

The pandemic has tought us how we need to ridesign our future, and we all must do that! Today we look back at the last exhibition CAM attended, displaying news, machines and complex managment systems, opening the doors to art, by creating inclusive scenography for the public. This environment created at our stand during the last Interpack event, a reference point for this sector, highlighted the importance of collective partecipation, and it underlines how close we are to our customers, in particular from the project point of view. Our flexibility allows us to create customised solutions, which are increasingly regarded as fundamental in the main national markets for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food packaging sector.   Follow us on  Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin     
12 Marzo 2021

One of CAM top clients, Zambon, keeps trusting CAM automatic machines’ high quality

Recently CAM has delivered to a very important customer, Zambon, the thermoforming machine, “nMX” model, provided with the new “SLP” cutting unit.