CAM use the utmost flexibility in their cartoning machines offering new solutions in a continuously evolving market accepting a challenge by IGB, an italian cartons manufacturer for the pharmaceutical sector.

Usually PMM machines can process cartons with thickness up to 0,5 mm only, but together with IGB we have made it possible to work with a thickness by 1,2 mm.
Such a format and this special thickness have been certified as CHILD RESISTANT, since thanks to the special design and tuck in closing type, they make it impossible to open the cartons without a special key.

That key is located directly on the pack and it’s detachable, besides that, it is clearly visible thanks to its colour which contrasts with the background and for the presence of a mark “KEY”. In order to open the box, it is sufficient to fold the key, as indicated above, and insert into the slot marked as “FLAP”.

It has been officially presented in may at the INTERPHEX exhibition in New York City at the stand of IGB, which has registered the patent for this “special” carton design.

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