RB/RD | Overwrapper with belt (RB) or plate (RD) sealing





"R" is the automatic CAM intermittent motion wrapping machine with tape (RB) or plate (RD) sealing; its main features are great precision in the wrapping execution, considerable versatility, ease of format change, high performance, the ability to use a wide range of film types and speeds up to 130 cycles per minute.
The quality and adherence of the wrapping as well as the reliability and high performance are guaranteed by: • patented system for accompanying the film to the cutting phase • film cutting system, with an inclination of the knife that guarantees the best quality of the cut, stable registration and less wear • counter-lift on the product during elevation • accurate realization of the winding group that works by means of cams whose profile has been designed to apply a stretching action of the film in the folding area • positive product transport system • mirror surface treatment for all surfaces in contact with the product and with the film to guarantee the aesthetic integrity of the wrapped product.
Great attention has been paid to the accessibility and ergonomics of the machine and the ability to easily mount an important series of optional units, such as: • automatic reel change • reel trimming unit • tear-off tape application group • print centering that does not require the registration of photocells
The design of the frame combined with the use of high-performance materials and the adoption of zero backlash linear slide bearings give the machine great strength and guarantee high precision.
The stainless steel casings have been designed to ensure maximum accessibility and robustness in complete safety.


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