SMP | Horizontal case-packer for shipping cases





A new and modern design orizontal monobloc casepacker, for packing products into small and medium sized cases: particularly suited to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food sectors.

The machine has been designed paying particular attention to overall compactness, accessibility and ease of format changeover whilst maintaining the usual CAM standards of robustness and realiability.
The cantilever structure, with separation of the mechanical parts from the product handling area, allowsthe operator side of the machine to be easily accessed for product feeding, mangement and day-today maintenance. The simple and reliable case forming/transfer/clousure system linked with the proven product staking/loading system make the machine extremely reliable and suitable to work in particularly heavy environments and conditions.
Case closure can be done using adhesive tape, gummed paper or by the application of hot-melt glue or vinyl. As with all CAM machines the "SMP" is equipped with the Mechanical Memory® system which reduces complete format changeover to a series of simple adjustements with fixed and specific reference points, which can be carried out in a matter of minutes even by un-skilled personnel and without the need for special tools.

The "SMP"casepacker can be equipped with optional accessiories such as: taping device with overlap of the tape around the whole case perimeter, case stamping device, label application, label printer, etc...

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