With RB, a new eco-sustainable packaging

One of the issues that has a very special place for CAM is eco-sustainability, a real mission for us.

Our care and production efficacy allowed us to carry out a very important project. Today we introduce an important feature of the RB machine, the result of years of experience and research in the field of product wrapping. A concrete action against pollution and climate changes.

We have in fact developed a particular wrapping type for a dairy product (chocolate) both in plastic material and compostable. 

The RB is able to process a 100% compostable material in recyclability class A. What does recyclability class A mean? With 1kg of material it is possible to obtain 1kg of carton! It is actually bio-polymeric plastic with thermo-welding and compostable characteristics. 

Besides that, the RB machine works with a particular setting of the heating system, so that even if a non-recyclable material is used, such as a NON-GREEN thermo-welding poly-propylene, a minor impact on the environment is guaranteed.

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