CAM takes art to exhibitions already since a long time…
The first times were at the live corporate events, during which clients, artists and visitors used to leave their mark.

Step by step it became clear that such a bond, unusual for this sector, could give much more than that.

WE asked Asako ( to give an artistic interpretation of our production…We found her concept of transparency…” very interesting, says Donata Martelli, CEO at TecniCAM.

This ever stronger bond with Art, which CAM has taken for the first time out of the usual venues in an apparently different sector, offers the opportunity to give an open interpretation  and simultaneously creates a new meaning, renovates besides keeping its roots, just like what happens in our company.


With time, Asako will offer her view thus making us understand that Art, like machine design at CAM, are not distant, and that they are rather linked by intuition, vision, emotion.

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