Today, we are pleased to introduce you CAM new complete packaging line for cigars, that includes two of our best performing machines: PMM and RB.

These two machines CAM is very proud of, represent CAM complete packaging line of automatic machines for cigars packs into trays and sleeves with over wrapping.
PMM intermittent motion horizontal cartoner,  in this specific case, is equipped with V350/2 tray feeder andnewT485 cigar feeder, makesproduct presence check, sleeve erection and product in tray insertion.  
RB Intermittent motion over wrapper with tear tape and belt sealing carries out the final part of the packaging process. 
The whole process includes the following steps:
  • Cigars can be fed by the new T485 cigar loading and feeding device.
  • Cigars are accumulated, channelled and grouped into various collations.
  • The cigar collations are fed into the trays, which are formed from flat blanks from a magazine. The trays are inserted into pre-glued and formed sleeves by a customised PMM
    intermittent cartoning machine.
  • On-line printing device. The carton sleeves are individually over wrapped with an envelope seal and tear tape for easy opening by a RB intermittent over-wrapping machine with belt sealing.

The HIGHLIGHTS of the process are the following ones:
  • The cartoner is fed by the new T485 cigar loader, which allows the accurate adjustment of the cigar accumulation and channeling, thanks to separate and independent motors.
  • The channeling of the cigars are with carbon fibre guides and guarantee the and guarantee the relevant friction.
  •  The two pushers work in pairs but can also work individually.
  • The dedicated and format dependent buckets can be quickly changed and attached.
  • Special sleeve carton erection system.
  • Camera vision system verification of complete product before tray closure and introduction into sleeve.



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