CAM solutions for traceability are characterised by the extreme ease of integration with the customer’s management system.

It is an open and scalable system able to adapt to the customers’ needs and to offer maximum flexibility.

In this specific case, the supplied line, has included the following types of machines, as you can see in the pictures:

  • TTSin the tracking code reading version
  • SM80, High speed horizontal case-packer
  • A carton labelling device

The Line has packed cosmetic cartons into the cases and carried out the aggregation process to complete the product traceability.

The machines and hardware were sup­plied by CAM, including the central line computer (Advantec), whereas the software for the management of the traceability process, installed on the central computer, and the cards for the communication of the signals between the machines and the line PC, were supplied by a Chinese manufacturer.



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