NTW 300 ML – Intermittent motion wrap-around case-packer

NTW 300 ML is a “wrap-around style” case-packer to handle small bottles or vials or jars coming from an high speed line up to an in-put of 100 products per minute, for an out-put of 25 cases per minute.

Wrapping is performed directly around collated products, ensuring production of tightened cases without any difference of dimension between products and their relevant cases. The above solution can allow to save space and money in terms of card-board dimension, also avoiding every possible movement of products inside case during shipment and every possible products damage.
The main features of NTW 300 ML are:

  • System for products arrangement on in-feed.
  •  System for packing diversion on in-feed.
  •  Products transfer to the cartoning area.
  •  Wrapping by wrap-around card-board.
  •  Pick-off system for flat wrap-around card-board.
  •  Facility for processing different formats.