New machine model MT32 for spray can valve check up

New machine model MT32 for spray can valve check up

New patented CAM spray can valve check up based on an intensitylength of time control consisting of:

  •  Work chamber connected to the suction system.
  •  Piezo-ceramic plate sensor with suitable clad in refractory material against chemical agents.

The Piezo-ceramic device placed in front of the product flow generates an electrical signal. Such signal is duly amplified and filtered by an electronics circuit and then measured in amplitude and length. This allows to discriminate between filled or empty spray can and to detect an incorrect value working.

Technical advantages:

  •  Possibility to discriminate the correct opening and correct closure of the canister valve checking the flow duration.
  •  The sensor is self cleaning type (duly guided by ultrasonic frequencies, the Piezo-ceramic plate is capable to vibrate nebulizing instantly liquids, solutions or suspensions).
  •  Due to capabilities of the self cleaning sensor and the suction system, it is possible to program through the operator panel some cleaning cycles preventing any physical contact between operator and product.