Cam widen their range of thermoforming machines with model nMXF for vials and ampoules.

The nMXF is an intermittent motion thermoforming machine for ampoules and vials with mechanical web transfer and flat cutting die.

The machine can be equipped with a sealing station for tray with lid packing. The new machine widens the range of nMX blister machines with balcony structure in the loading area, has small overall dimensions and is simple to be used, which is typical of CAM blister machines.

The new versions of nMX are designed paying special attention to fast and intuitive format change-over and taking special care over cleaning and inspection operations in compliance with GMP standards.

The machine operation and reliability are also guaranteed by safety devices promptly detecting overloads.

Thanks to CAM experience, special care has been taken over format change-over, designing each part in view of a fast replacement by minor intuitive operations. Systems for sealing, forming and cutting plates, plain guides for product load deck, sensors detecting their correct position, make format change-over simple even for unskilled operators.