20 Gennaio 2021

LR105: the new high speed rotary labeller for syringe cartridges

This is LR105, CAM new high speed rotary labeller for syringe cartridges.
26 Dicembre 2020


We all know this Christmas is going to be different for everybody. CAM has been celebrating Christmas time  for many years arranging parties and dinners with the employees in Italy. 2020 has been a challenge but Christmas is Christmas and we will celebrate anyway. A problem solving attitude is always the best way to get through any situation ?.
22 Dicembre 2020


Antoniano Institute’s main goal for 2020 Christmas time, has been to collect money, by contacting several companies and citizens in Bologna and offering them gadgets, in order to be able to provide 1,000 meals for the people who live in conditions of exclusion and poverty and who need help.
9 Dicembre 2020


CAM has a creative side as well. This board has been painted by a local Italian artist. It’s inside one of our offices and shows both our company’s history and main features. All CAM machines have always been designed and MADE IN ITALY. The painted red and blu rosette represents a logo that certifies CAM quality. CAM was founded by Antonio Martelli in 1949 and, since, it has been providing  complete automatic packaging machines and lines. CAM was founded in Bologna. That’s why our 2 main towers, Asinelli tower and Garisenda tower, were painted on our board. They are one the most important monuments of the city. This is NMX, one of our packaging machines, painted in a creative way. CAM provides blister and strip packaging machines; filling and capping machines for liquid , creams, powders and granulates; tray-forming and cartoning machines; wrapping and bundling machines; case-packing and palletising machines. The time line shows CAM has been selling more than 22.000 machines. Also, CAM provides complete packaging lines for all the industrial sectors, mainly the pharmaceutical sector, the food sector and the cosmetic sector. CAM has a network of companies and each one is specialised for each type of created machines. Furthermore, CAM has a network of sales departments that provide an excellent customer service to our clients all over the world. In 1949 CAM sold its first automatic machine. Our machines have been standing out in terms of quality and length of time for 71 years. This is our core, confirmed by our clients as well. We have always been thinking globally and acting locally, which means we have been guaranteeing a persistent strong care and service to all our clients all over the world. Follow us on  Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/campackaging/), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/campackaging/) and Linkedin (CAMpackaging).     
19 Novembre 2020


      Cam has been able to use the 502H group extreme flexibility, as the machinery has been utilised for the first time also as a cigar feeder to pack wrapped cigars, instead of being used to fill vials as usual. Thanks to the viewing system (CAMERA), the machinery guarantees a product correct quantity detection and product insertion, as in the correct number of cigars inside each carton and the carton conformity itself. The machine packs 40/50 cartons per minute.  Follow us on  Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/campackaging/), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/campackaging/) and Linkedin (CAMpackaging).     
13 Novembre 2020


“R” is the new automatic CAM intermittent motion wrapping machine with tape (RB) or plate (RD) sealing; its main features are great precision during the wrapping execution, considerable versatility, ease of format change, high performance, the ability to use a wide range of film types, and it speeds up to 130 cycles per minute. The quality and adherence of the wrapping as well as the reliability and high performance are guaranteed by: patented system to accompany the film to the cutting phase film cutting system, with an inclination of the knife that guarantees the best quality of the cut, stable registration and less wear counter-lift on the product during elevation accurate realisation of the winding group that works by means of cams whose profile has been designed to apply a stretching action of the film in the folding area positive product transport system mirror surface treatment for all surfaces in contact with the product and with the film to guarantee the aesthetic integrity of the wrapped product Great attention has been paid to the accessibility and ergonomics of the machine, and to the ability to easily mount an important series of optional units, such as: automatic reel change reel trimming unit tear-off tape application group print centring that does not require the photocells registration.   The design of the frame together with the use of high-performance materials and the adoption of zero backlash linear slide bearings, guarantee the machine great strength and high precision. The stainless steel casings have been designed to ensure maximum accessibility and robustness in total safety. To check RB/RD click on the following link:  www.campackaging.it/rbrd Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/campackaging/), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/campackaging/) and Linkedin (CAMpackaging). 
20 Ottobre 2020


CAM solutions for traceability are characterised by the extreme ease of integration with the customer’s management system. It is an open and scalable system able to adapt to the customers’ needs and to offer maximum flexibility. In this specific case, the supplied line, has included the following types of machines, as you can see in the pictures: TTS, in the tracking code reading version SM80, High speed horizontal case-packer A carton labelling device The Line has packed cosmetic cartons into the cases and carried out the aggregation process to complete the product traceability. The machines and hardware were sup­plied by CAM, including the central line computer (Advantec), whereas the software for the management of the traceability process, installed on the central computer, and the cards for the communication of the signals between the machines and the line PC, were supplied by a Chinese manufacturer.         Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/campackaging/), Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/campackaging/) and Linkedin (CAMpackaging). 
30 Settembre 2020

New CAM syringe assembling and labelling line

CAM recently supplied to an important multinational company a high speed packaging line for syringe assembling and labelling line consisting of: S205, syringe assembler/labeller (2 LABELING devices with ther­mal transfer marking, one for the syringe barrel and the other for circular safety device) continuous motion balcony machine, ac­cessible from all four sides; PLUNGER unscramble feeder Denester Syringe barrel Denester square section SAFETY Denester circular section SAFETY Syringe formats 5 ml 1    ml Both formats could be assembled as follows: syringe assembly and body labeling; syringe assembly, body labeling and subsequent square section safety application; syringe assembly, circular section safety application and subse­quent safety labeling.
27 Maggio 2020

CAM reliability and experience for fighting Covid-19

In February 2020 CAM supplied a vertical cartoning machine with an automatic vial’s feeder to the new factory of the company BIOPHARMA, Ukraine (https://biopharma.ua/en/home-page/). Biopharma, a top-ten pharmaceutical producer in Ukraine specializing in plasma-derived drugs, has officially opened its innovative fractionator in Bila Tserkva (Kyiv region), the only biopharmaceutical plant of its kind in Eastern Europe and the near region (for more information: https://horizoncapital.com.ua/news/biopharma-launched-state-art-75-million-plasma-fractionation-plant-ukraine/). CAM cartoning machine has been set up on the packaging site for finished medicines in vials of 50ml and 100ml and is used, among other products, for packaging the antiviral drug BIOVEN, the clinical trials of which were approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to implement measures aimed at preventing the onset and spread, localization and elimination of coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
10 Aprile 2020

CAM at the forefront in the production of pharmaceuticals against Covid-19

CAM machines that work at full speed to produce 500,000 packs a day of Doliprane on three shifts.
26 Febbraio 2020

FICO: CAM’s location for its events

CAM has chosen FICO Eataly World as the location for its events.
8 Gennaio 2020

Flow-pack cards

CAM has recently delivered a machine suitable to handle the flow-pack cards.
18 Dicembre 2019

70 years of CAM !!!

Remember when we were kids, it was a continuous discovery. We were curious, ingenious, and for sure reckless. We didn’t need much to be happy, just a bit of fantasy for example!
10 Dicembre 2019

CAM at P-MEC 2019

We are glad to announce that P-MEC exhibition 2019 is over and it was a success. It has been a great event for the packaging industry of pharmaceutical products.
13 Novembre 2019

Recycled packaging material

This notepad was produced with recycled trial material used to test CAM machines.