Innovative wrap-around case by CAM

CAM innovative case design allows the realization of a display-box made up of a lid glued onto a tray to be used on wrap-around machines as a single flat case rather than two separate pieces.

This characteristic allows the use of the same case on the same type of conventional wrap-around packaging machines with the same open case magazine.
A machine with only one open case magazine guarantees a smaller dimensions, easier operation, reduced maintenance, and greater efficiency, as well as it will simplify case storage.
The case manufacturer/supplier could provide the lid to be already glued on the flat cases, which will results in a stronger gluing bond in comparison to gluing the lid to the tray as separate pieces on an automatic machine.
A better gluing quality implies a reduced usage of glue, as well as a decreased margin of error with any manipulation or with the palletizing of these wrap-around cases.
Manufacturing the open cases based on assembling the three parts together from the supplier permits the reduction of dimensions of each part, as well as a reduction of waste during the cutting process.
CAM open-case design offers a greater package strength by assembling the case and the tray with perpendicular grain direction between the lid vs the case body.
The opening of the lid by breaking the glue points will avoid any tear-up of the cases resulting in a clean removal of the lid, regular case shape, and an eventual easy re-closure of the package.